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Fishing warning !!!

fishWith the warmer weather and fish moving into the spawn for the spring, I’ve noticed something that you need to be aware of.

FISHING POX!  It is very contagious to adult males. A growing number of adult females also seem to be contracting the pox. The symptoms include continual complaints as to the need for fresh air, sunshine and relaxation. The patient has a blank expression and is sometimes spacy, seeming deaf to the spouse and kids. There seems to be no taste for work of any kind and frequent checking of tackle catalogs, both printed and on line. Driving may also be affected. Those infected have been seen slowing down in front of boat dealers and in many cases, actually coming in and going into the showrooms!

It includes hanging out in Sporting Goods Stores longer than usual and there may be secret late night phone calls to fishing pals. Patients have been reported to mumble to themselves and seem to be lying to everyone.

Here’s the bad part. There is NO KNOWN CURE!

Medication is useless, however, the disease is not fatal. Victims exhibiting these symptoms should be allowed to go fishing as often as possible.


For you crappie fishermen, tune in tomorrow. I’ll give you my take on the crappie limit debate on Lake D’Arbonne that has been going on for several years now and where I think it will end up in the Louisiana Legislature.  



One thought on “Fishing warning !!!

  1. Looking forward to your take on the debate update….boy I did a lot of rhyming! LOL

    Posted by bernicebanner | March 31, 2014, 12:361:54 am

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