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Help clean up behind the dumpies

Since this is a family oriented web site, I can’t put into words what I really think about the poor, unfortunate, dump (oops, I meant dumb) “people” who litter. It’s kind of like they missed the lesson on growing up. I’ll just leave it at that.

Fortunately, there are good people who try and clean up after the litterbugs. These good folks do their best to make our area a better place to live. There’s an event coming up this weekend where you can help, too. The City of Farmerville’s Community Service Team is trying to get the city of ready for the upcoming Cleanest City Contest. And clean up behind people who don’t know any better.

pitchinSaturday, March 29, will be a big day as the committee has organized a cleanup day as part of the Great American Cleanup. The local focus will be entrances to town, where visitors get their first view of the city. That includes Hwy. 2 and Hwy. 33. Here’s a suggestion: If you are out on the lake, or at a boat ramp this weekend, take some time to tidy up a bit. Even if you aren’t part of the organized effort, do something to help this weekend. It’ll make the place look better and make you feel better. And stop and say a prayer for the people who don’t know better.

Do this for sure: DO NOT LITTER. Don’t do it. Keep your trash until you get somehere to properly dispose of it. And don’t do the dumbest thing of all – throw it in the back of your truck where it can blow out at random and you can act like you are not a litterbug. Bah, hum litterbug.

Litter isn’t a problem that is just in Union Parish. It’s an issue everywhere. But when you have a beautiful lake and beautiful woods like we do, it deserves better than what some people give it. It’s been said before, and it bears being said again — there is a parish wide need for doing better in this area.

One closing thought. When we have visitors, they always love this area. But there is a consistent comment that I hear a lot — “Why do they have those trash dumps along the highway? Isn’t there something you could do about that?” That’s a good question I don’t have the answer to.

This weekend is a prime example. Nearly 1,000 visitors came to Union Parish for the big car, truck and motorcycle show. No matter how they came into town, they had to pass big ugly dumpsters with trash piled up right on the side of the main road. Not a very good “Welcome” sign for visitors or sight for our very own residents to have to look at. Hopefully, all the other great things about the park and lake and town and the people overshadowed that one litter glimpse….






5 thoughts on “Help clean up behind the dumpies

  1. Ms. Jessie, AMEN!!! When are Our Parish leaders going to step up and enforce laws and start either fining or arresting the people dumping the illegal stuff at the dumpsters or just get rid of them and let’s go with a private contractor.

    Posted by Skip Boyd | March 27, 2014, 12:368:09 pm
  2. I totally agree with this one. Jean and Steve Jones deserve a big “that-a-boy” for their work in recycling throughout our parish. Each month, due to their Hand Shake Recycling business, and thanks to the cooperation of area citizens, they keep tens of thousands of tons out of the dumpster and out of our ever expanding landfill. We need to come together to seek solutions for our “trashy” problems. Union Parish is a beautiful place to work and live, our dumpsters give it a black eye. Jessie Boyett

    Posted by bernicebanner | March 27, 2014, 12:361:18 pm
  3. I have complained for nearly 20 years. There is no reason the dumpsters can not be placed on secondary roads, if they have to be used. It is a horrible site and why don’t the law enforcement folks use game cameras to catch a few of the idiots putting couches, washers, game guts, refrigerators and other illegal things in them ???

    Posted by Skip Boyd | March 26, 2014, 12:3612:52 pm
  4. Suggest police jury contact Sabine Parish, they had the same problem and developed a neat solution

    Posted by a transplant | March 26, 2014, 12:3610:40 am
  5. limit the catch.went by the highway 2 boat ramp tuesday,5 boats all from arkansas

    Posted by jay standard | March 26, 2014, 12:3610:01 am

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