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We interrupt fishing season

We interrupt fishing season to bring you this important report:

The internet has opened up a whole new world that I could have never imagined. It puts people in contact with each other who would have never met otherwise. This is also true with fishermen!

I’ve written about Ed Moes, the founder of crappie.com, a site that puts thousands of white perch (sorry make that crappie) fishermen online sharing reports and photos and forming friendships. Ed is a regular reader of lakedarbonnelife.com even though he lives more than 500 miles away. The other day he saw the post about Godwin and Martin of Duck Dynasty fame crappie fishing on Lake D’Arbonne and sent me a box of caps and other goodies to take to them. Monday afternoon, I obliged.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s my report back to Ed:  “Okay, Ed, here’s something that money can’t buy. I met Godwin and Martin down at Duck Commander headquarters Monday afternoon and gave them your Crappie.com goodie package. They were delighted and as you can see below, put on some of the gear. Martin even “went VISOR ” with Godwin. Thought you’d like that. I told them you had seen the writeup on lakedarbonnelife.com and were impressed they were crappie fishermen.

As soon as they came out into the main Duck Commander store, lines formed for their autographs and pictures. It was amazing. What was even more amazing is the laid back approach they took to it all, smiling, trading stories and acting like everybody who came in the store was a friend. One lady from Texas, who was 45-50 years old, stood by Martin for a photo and he said, “You must be out of school for spring break”. She just giggled and said she would have to buy a duck call after that, even though she didn’t know what to do with it.”

Once the people out in the parking lot taking pictures by the Duck Dynasty 18-wheeler and famous Duck Commander sign realized the duo was in the store for photos, it really got packed. And this was on a cold, dreary Monday afternoon. By my count, there were about 80 cars in the lot from as far away as Colorado and Iowa. Wow. Duckmania. Did I mention this was a cold, dreary Monday afternoon?

There are a lot of reasons for these guys popularity and success, but none is more important than the whole group’s commitment of what they do to God and their willingness to share their testimony through word and action. Reporting live from north Louisiana (and not on the lake), darbone1.”

PS – remind your readers to check out lakedarbonnelife.com on a regular basis. It says there that people who read the site regularly catch 87% more big fish! I wrote it, so it must be true!

One more reminder: Not only is this “hump day”, but it’s also Duck Dynasty day. Tune in to tonight’s new episode on A&E.


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