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Fishing or catching? Both

I knew something would slow down the unbelievable number of white perch being caught on Lake D’Arbonne and sure enough, it’s happened. No, the fish didn’t jump over the spillway or hide out under boat docks. Mother Nature cut them some slack Wednesday with 35 mph North winds which whipped up enough waves that even kept the cormorants off the lake — well, for the most part.

And now, it looks like Saturday there is a 50% chance of thunderstorms most of the day. That won’t keep as many people away as the strong wind unless it comes with lightning. For the others, well, fishing is about to get going full speed ahead on days like Friday when Mother Nature decides it’s okay for fishermen to come out and play on the lake.


Crappie by the hundreds are still being caught in deep water on Lake D’Arbonne, from a mile north of the

Bernice bridge all the way to the rock jetties down at the spillway. Wherever there is deep water

Got 'em surrounded!

Got ’em surrounded!

and schools of shad, there seem to be white perch. Since about a quarter of the anglers on the lake this week were from Arkansas, I guess we better call them crappie to keep peace between the states. I don’t think there are enough folks up here from south Louisiana, so we don’t have to call them sacalait just yet. There have been so many white perch caught on the ‘Bone the past two months that some folks are wondering what effect it will have on the lake in the next few years. We will have some pretty good answers to that question next week. Stay tuned.

But back to the fishing report. Some real good ones are also being caught on yo-yo’s at night in shallower water, but it seems like the fish aren’t staying shallow, or they are not biting there on jigs yet. With temps in the 30’s again the past two nights, it may be a few more days. Officially, fish are supposed to start the spawn and move in shallow at the full moon in March. That will be Sunday, March 16. So if they are reading their Farmer’s Almanac, things will break loose the next couple of weeks. Bass fishing success on the lake has been fair up the creeks, but on the big lake and mid-lake areas, it seems like they are scattered. With a big field set for Saturday’s Fishers of Men bass tournament, we’ll know a lot more about it come weigh-in time. I have a feeling we’ll see some big stringers (okay, bags… they don’t put them on stringers any more).

Poverty Point 10-pounder

Poverty Point 10-pounder

One area lake where some huge bass have been caught is Poverty Point Reservoir. A couple over 10 pounds have been reported in recent days on plastic creature baits and jigs. Fish are shallow over there, but it is a much smaller lake with very little runoff coming into it. On the other side of the coin, the white perch have not really turned on like they usually do. There are some whoppers being caught, but not in the numbers that they were.  No reports on bream at either of these lakes.

Fishing on the Ouachita River may be good right now, but there’s no way to tell. Most anglers are hitting other waterways and pressure is light. If you’ve got a couple of good honey holes and don’t like crowds, this might be a good week to try there.

Lake Claiborne is still producing some good fish in deep water. The spillway area is very popular. There are also reports of good catches in shallow water, especially in the afternoon. The water is a little warmer then. Bass are also being caught shallow, but most are running small to medium sized.


One thought on “Fishing or catching? Both

  1. I would like to see the 25 limit on white pearch go back in effect. I counted over 150 boats from Hwy 33 bridge, Hwy 2 bridge,Hwy 15 and spillway this weekend not to count the people that have places on the lake. If every boat caught there 2 man 100 limit that would be app 15,000 fish leaving this lake per day and this is just not only the weekend its every day of the week. Take 7 days that would be 105,000 fish a week. I know that every one don’t catch their limit JUST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT!!!!

    Posted by Ronnie Atkins | March 15, 2014, 12:367:58 pm

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