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Fishing is like a box of chocolates. . .

Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’ll get“.

Well, fishing on Lake D’Arbonne these days is kind of like that. You never know what you’ll get, like catching a glimpse of two famous TV stars trolling down the channel in their camouflaged bass boat trying to catch white perch right along with everybody else and his brother.

Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to see a boat easing past with two bearded fishermen who seemed quite familiar. They should have been. It was Godwin and Martin from Duck Dynasty fame. One shouldn’t be surprised to see a couple of ardent outdoorsmen from the West Monroe area out on the lake fishing for white perch, but it always brings a smile to folks faces to see them. That’s just a reflection of their popularity.

After they had moved on, one of the fishermen asked, “Is that who I think it was?”  Yep.

They gave away a little information on their technique, which was a bit different than most of the fishermen out in the deep channels. Why should I be surprised?  They were sitting in the back of the boat, with Godwin skillfully operating the front-mounted remote control trolling motor slowly through the crowd of boats. They kept up a steady pace and picked up several fish while in site of our boat.

“We just troll along slow, about one and a half miles an hour,” the visor-less Godwin said.

Martin added, “We aren’t fishing as deep as most people, but we’re catching the hungry ones up closer to the top.” The duo trolled their lures about 30 feet back on several long fishing rods.

I’m sure they had a few other secrets, but, Hey Jack,  nobody tells everything. I wondered later though…was that really a trolling motor remote in Godwin’s hand? Does anybody know what a Crappie Commander fish call looks like? Hmmm.

Godwin and Martin take on the D'Arbonne white perch run

Godwin and Martin take on the D’Arbonne white perch run


2 thoughts on “Fishing is like a box of chocolates. . .

  1. Great article. I love those guys.

    Posted by Slab | March 13, 2014, 12:3612:00 am
  2. For a “Big Fellow”you get around pretty good Haddox……

    Posted by SI | March 12, 2014, 12:3612:16 am

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