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No lip

Rayburn Red Rat-L-Trap

Rayburn Red Rat-L-Trap

Boy, I wish fishing partners George and Little George were more like the baits that leading BASSMaster Classic finishers used last week – no LIP !!!! I get “lip” for everything from my casting ability to the size and number of fish I catch.

The top producing baits of the world championship tournament this year were lipless crank baits.

Okay, I know. It’s a different kind of lip. Lipless crankbaits are fishing lures that don’t have a plastic “lip”, which makes those lures dive to certain depths. With lipless lures, the depth is controlled by the retrieve of the angler. They can be fished in deeper water or shallow water. Here are some of the top Classic lures that produced last week and some different techniques to fish them:

  • Jigging—Casting and winding lipless crankbaits will work, but when you vary the retrieve, it helps.
    Crawfish Red-Eye Shad

    Crawfish Red-Eye Shad

    Some people jig, or yo-yo, the lure in deeper water – raising it and then letting it sink before raising it again in a vertical motion. You can also yo-yo it on longer casts. This works best in areas without a lot of cover. When the lure does hit something, a stump, boat dock piling or log or grass patch, it is good to jerk the bait up and then let it fall. This often gets a reaction strike from bass.

  • Slow roll —With the weather we’ve been having, this may be the best retrieve. You just retrieve the lure slowly, like a spinnerbait or if you aren’t in a lot of trash, you can even fish it slow like a plastic worm. Again, while the water is still cold, the bass are less likely to chase something, so a slow retrieve might be what gets them going.
  • Let her rip —A couple of days of warm weather can get the bass moving and this is a good time to retrieve the lure fast. Just rip it across the water, especially in 3-6 feet or above grass. These lipless crank baits are excellent for luring spawning bass from around little patches of grass. This is also a great technique on flats and around boat docks, like we have so many of in D’Arbonne. Just chunk it and wind it – fast.
Xcalibur XR-50

Xcalibur XR-50


One thought on “No lip

  1. What you so inaccurately call “LIP”, I call constructive criticism. Like when you are in the front of the boat and you turn and cast back towards 7 o’clock. That’s not “LIP” you are hearing that’s constructive criticism. Or when you pull out the 14 hook crank bait you have , that’s never caught a fish, and miss my ear by a whisker as you rare back. The words you hear are soothing, encouraging words intended to improve your fishing acumen. Not LIP!

    Just wanted the record set straight,

    Posted by george | March 6, 2014, 12:3611:02 am

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