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Lake life, Louisiana fishing

Shaking my head

“If people don’t occasionally walk away shaking their heads,

you’re doing something wrong.”

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI believe it was outdoor writer Patrick McManus who, speaking of fishermen. said that. I’m in agreement. So as I idled down the channel at Lake D’Arbonne Saturday afternoon, I realized that somebody was doing something right.  A lot of somebody’s. Hundreds of them. Because I was definitely shaking my head.

There were boats as far as the eye could see. There were places where you barely had room to get a line out between boats. There were more people white perch fishing on Lake D’Arbonne Saturday afternoon than anybody I talked to can ever recall.

Those who were there said the line at the boat ramp at Jake’s was already backed up to the highway at 5 a.m.  By daylight, trucks and trailers were parking on the side of the road. By 9 a.m., they were backed up all the way down the side of the road in both directions. And the boats? They were lined up along the old river channel in 25-30 feet of water with jigs and shiners and spinners and no telling what else.

It was the same at the Ramp Road and at Terrel Island and at Stowe Creek.  It was a combination of pretty weather and some good fishing. Several folks reported good catches Saturday. I didn’t get on the lake until late and no, I wasn’t among those reporting good catches. Some stayed from daylight until dark. Even after sunset, the glow of red and green deck lights glowed out on the lake as some stayed even later. Wow! I can only imagine what the boat ramp parking lot looked like as everybody tried to load up close to sundown to go home.

Sunday, the crowd had thinned. It could have been the approaching storm or the strong warm southeast winds that turned to strong cold north winds right at sunset. It could have been the fishermen just all got fished out Saturday. And since “ice pellets” are in the forecast Sunday night and temps in the 20’s Monday, I’d say the fish will get somewhat of a break the next few days. For those who do fish Monday, I’ll just have to walk away shaking my head.

Which, I guess if McManus is correct, means somebody is doing something right after all.

Sink full of supper caught by one of my D'Arbonne buddies who I am no longer talking to until he takes me fishing!

Sink full of “supper” caught Saturday by one of my D’Arbonne buddies who I am no longer talking to until he takes me fishing!


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