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Fishing season opens!

The main ramp along Hwy. 33 at the bridge was still packed at 3 p.m. Sunday

The main ramp along Hwy. 33 at the bridge was still packed at 3 p.m. Sunday

Fishing season officially opened this weekend! Or at least, that’s what it looked like (no, we don’t really have an “official” fishing season). After weeks of blustery weather, Saturday and Sunday provided spring-like weather for the fishermen and they responded just as you would expect. Every launching ramp and parking area on Lake D’Arbonne was packed++ this weekend. Fish cooperated some, but for the most part, it’s still hit or miss.  Here’s a report:

The water is still extremely cold, well below 50 degrees in most areas. It’s also pretty stained in most areas and downright muddy up the creeks. Crappie are still deep, as expected, but some good catches are reported. Approximately 96.9% of the crappie fishermen on the lake were fishing jigs 12 – 18 feet deep (a few deeper) and they were fishing extremely slow. It seems like the fish aren’t ready to chase bait yet for the most part, but will hit it if you lay it on their nose. Gray and silver colors are working as well as blue back and pink jigs. There’s something about pink on D’Arbonne. Fish take to it like an LSU fan takes to purple and gold.

By far the most popular area the past week or so has been the Hwy. 2 bridge near Lester’s on the Lake

Crappie are bunched up deep and so are the fishermen!

Crappie are bunched up deep and so are the fishermen!

and even above that on Corney Bayou near the deep bends in the channels. The area around the old State Park north of the Hwy. 33 bridge is also producing as well as the main channel just south of the big bridge on the big lake.

There was a Media Bass tournament on the lake this weekend and there were some pretty nice bass caught. Most of the fishermen were more tight lipped than a spawning sow after a cold front, but apparently big plastic baits and black/blue jigs caught the biggest fish. A few were also caught on Rogues and other jerk baits fished extremely slow. We will try to get you final results this week.

No reports on bream or catfish. The weather will have to warm before that. There was also a noticeable lack of action from the few bank fishermen that were out the past two days.

Here’s a quick look at other area lakes:  CANEY LAKE is producing a few really good bass, but the key word is few. Jigging spoons are working on white perch and yellow bass near the bottom.  LAKE CLAIBORNE  is very similar to D’Arbonne. The crappie are in deep water and some of the best fishing is out in front of the dam. Fishermen who know where the tops are in deep water are catching some good ones suspended there. 

I don’t have any reliable reports on the  OUACHITA RIVER, but it is high and muddy. Some good crappie catches were reported in deep river lakes, but no huge numbers. If you like riding up the river looking for fish, the next few days will be the best ones we’ve had in a long time from a comfort standpoint. At least your face won’t freeze off.

Crappie fishing has been on and off at POVERTY POINT. Most fishermen are keying on the usual areas, the deeper chutes on the lake to the south and the marina area to the north. Bass fishing has been slow for most.


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