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Crappie.com, part 2

Part 2 of a 2 part series

Nobody has been more surprised about the astounding growth of Crappie.com, which today bills itself as “America’s Crappie Community”, than founder and owner Ed Moes.  After spending quite a few hours on the home page and the various forums. I understand why it has grown so. It’s a great site with loads of good crappiecominformation, just for the white perch angler (Sorry Ed, but this is north Louisiana!) There are special reader forums for Louisiana and for Arkansas, too, by the way. Ed and his readers frequently send others to lakedarbonnelife.com for the latest from our area. by the way, if you are a crappie.com member or fan, we’d also love to hear from you in our comments section.

Crappie.com has hit the big time and it is still a very friendly, family orientated site. In fact, moderators constantly work to make sure offensive or inappropriate posts don’t end up on the pages.

“There have been so many members participating and helping on the site over the years that I can’t mention them all,”Ed said “It has definitely been a group effort.”

snowboatThis past weekend, a group of Crappie.com enthusiasts gathered at Toledo Bend. Ed made the long, 13-hour drive down to the event and they had a great time, but the weather was horrific. The photo here shows what many of the fishermen met when they got here!  Needless to say, there were plenty of filets for a fish fry anyway and quite a few fishing stories.

The snow and ice actually kept some of the fishermen from making the trip as bridges and roads were closed in this unusual winter weather for Louisiana. (You will see in the notes below, Ed would like to make all of this, but it is impossible!).

Ed did manage to catch one Toledo Bend crappie this weekend, and we share that photo with you below. And we finish our series on Crappie.com and Ed with few short bites from a recent interview with Ed. I hope you enjoy.

Question: Who’s your most loyal reader/poster?  Answer: “CrappiePappy has probably been the biggest contributor, I can’t thank him enough.”

Question: Can you tell our readers a bit more about you? Answer: “Just so you know, yes, I am a computer geek, I worked in the computer field for 25 years of my life. I was a Mainframe and Unix guy, whereas my wife, a computer geek also, is a Windows gal, Microsoft certified 20 ways to Sunday. I was

Ed with his lone Toledo Bend crappie from this past weekend!

Ed with his lone Toledo Bend crappie from this past weekend!

born and raised in the city of Chicago, but I always had an affinity for the country. I hunted and fished every chance I could get, in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan. I grew up hating the city and loving the country. My wife is from the country, a small town in Michigan, so it would figure that she would become my partner. Her family is big time into hunting/fishing. As time has gone by, and with my own family growing, I’ve become very passionate about Crappie and Panfish fishing. Its a wonderful way to spend time with friends and family.”

Question: What’s your favorite thing about crappie.com? Answer: “I have always loved fishing ever since I was a kid, but fishing for Crappie, has truly become my passion. Crappie fishermen seem to be the friendliest and most generous people there are. It amazes me all the good things they will do for each other. I see it all the time on Crappie.com. It makes me very proud to be able to help enable this.

One of the greatest things about the site is that you can feel comfortable going to another state knowing you have friends there that will show you a thing or two on how to catch fish in their waters.”

Question: What’s your least favorite part of it? Answer: “My least favorite part is the fact that there is no way for me to be able to attend all the “grass roots” crappie.com events that take place across the country each Spring and Fall. There are just too many of them.”

Question: Where is your favorite place to fish?  Answer:  ” I don’t have a favorite. I love Dock Shooting on Blackshear, or using a single pole on Truman, or pulling cranks on Sardis, or longlining on Pickwick, or using a cane pole on Griffin, or even fishing hard water through a little hole in the ice on Turtle Lake, all equally. That’s the great thing about crappie fishing, there are so many different ways to do it. And learning how to do them all is half the fun. I’ve learned “where” don’t matter. It’s where-ever there are other friendly crappie fishermen. And that’s usually answered right on crappie.com. Find a local crappie.com event in your state and go check it out. They are all over. And if there is not one, start one. They will come.”


2 thoughts on “Crappie.com, part 2

  1. Kinny, thanks for the interview. I can relate to Ed because we both come from IT backgrounds. Love crappie.com because it provides great info, and I love fishing for sacalait… uh, white perch. Even though I’m an avid flyrodder and crappie aren’t the easiest to catch on flies. Still living in the Cenla area provides many great crappie waters and enough for our family to enjoy many meals… thanks in part to Ed’s website.

    Posted by catchcoma | January 29, 2014, 12:365:06 pm
  2. Kinny, thanks for the interview… I can relate to Ed because we come from the same background. I love crappie.com as it provides great information, and because crappie is one of my favorite fish. Which is saying a lot because I’m an avid flyrodder and “sacalait” aren’t the easiest to catch on flies. Still, I catch enough for the wife and I to enjoy whenever we want. Living in Cenla, there’s so many great “white perch” waters… and only 2 hours to D’arbonne!

    Posted by Catch Cormier | January 29, 2014, 12:365:02 pm

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