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How to b(eat) the cold!

It’s too cold outside for me to hunt or fish today, so I thought I’d write about something I really know about:

What’s the best way to deal with sub-freezing weather and northern winds that make you feel like a redneck eskimo?  Fry up a good mess of fresh venison, make some old fashioned thick brown gravy over mashed potatoes and just to show you are not all country, serve up a side of bacon-wrapped asparagus with brown sugar & teriyaki butter sauce.

deer&biscuitHere’s how I do it:

Cut your deer steak up into small pieces around 2 X 2 inches. Sprinkle them with a bit of meat tenderizer and your favorite seasoning and soak them in a combination of a little Italian dressing and balsamic vinegar for about four hours.

Take them out of the marinade, shake on a bit more seasoning, and coat them well in plain flour. It’s easy to do this in a gallon size plastic freezer bag. Drop pieces into hot oil (about 375 degrees) and fry until brown — not over 2-3 minutes. NEVER cover your fried venison once cooked or it will make it soggy. I place mine on a tray with a section of newspaper on the bottom covered with two/three layers of paper towels and keep in the oven at 170 degrees with the door open while the rest cooks.

It’s gravy time. Take some of the browned flour from the bottom of the fry pan and stir in two tablespoons of oil and two tablespoons of flour. Brown (make a roux) and stir in a bit of milk or water until it reaches the thickness you like. Add a touch of salt and pepper.  About that time, the mashed potatoes should be ready and the Mary B (I mean home made….yeah, right) biscuits are coming out of the oven. Put a little honey on the top of the biscuit. Combine it all as shown above on your plate.

Oh yes, and that asparagus. Cook the bacon about halfway, then remove, cool and wrap around two or three asparagus stems. Mix up some brown sugar, melted butter and a bit of brown sugar (sorry, I never measure) and pour over it. Sprinkle with black pepper. Cook in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 – 25 minutes or until bacon is brown. You should actually cook this dish first because it will sit awhile without affecting flavor or quality.

Dig in. See, it isn’t even cold outside anymore!   Sorry, I meant to call you and invite you over for supper, but it’s too late now.  There is not any left. Maybe next time.



2 thoughts on “How to b(eat) the cold!

  1. Sorry for your disappointment, George, but I have not been able to find a good recipe for spoonbills. I could use some fish, though. Next time you go by your favorite “fishing hole”, get me a mess. I like those fish filets you get from Sam’s.

    Posted by darbone1 | January 6, 2014, 12:3611:03 am
  2. I’m really disappointed! I see no mention of duck dressing or duck wraps. After the world class duck hunt I took you on I just assumed I would get a call for a supper filled with tasty fowl. I am also starting to wonder why it’s not fish you are preparing. Maybe your freezer is empty? I’ll have to come guide you for some tasty fillets soon. Hmmmm, fish tacos?

    Posted by george | January 6, 2014, 12:3610:43 am

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