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Hunting, fishing report

Deer hunting has been good.  Duck hunting has been great. Fishing has been both…and, on occasion,  neither.

Hunter Bray

Hunter Bray

That’s this week’s outdoor report. Deer hunters have reported a lot of success this year, from large and healthy herds to quite a few big bucks. The weather has been awesome for hunters and the coming cold front with a chance of snow will definitely have the deer on the move. I’ve included a couple of pictures of young hunters who have had success this year.

More and more young hunters are getting into deer hunting. With the abundance of woods, the convenience of box stands with all kinds of amenities (especially heaters), and a big deer herd, it’s a great sport to get youngsters involved in.

One young hunter who got a nice trophy was Hunter Bray of Lake Providence. He got a 10 pointer after being patient in the stand and passing up a smaller eight the day before.  He better get his deer early because he has younger siblings Mason and Parker at home waiting to join him before you know it.

Michael Jones with one of his Holiday deer -- a four point!

Michael Jones with one of his Holiday deer — a four point!

Michael Jones of West Monroe killed a big spike and a four-point after sitting in the deer stand for several days through pretty tough weather conditions. Deer hunting was just part of the fun. Staying at the camp and getting to listen to his dad’s hunting stories was by far the highlight of the trip. Okay, maybe not.

As for duck hunters, success has been good statewide. Of course, it’s the same old story — where there is water, there are ducks. The regular duck season seems to be a far cry better than the early teal season that was almost a flop, unless your are a teal.  Lots of limits of big ducks have been taken and once again, this approaching cold front will bring lots more birds our way. There seems to be plenty of water and feed to hold them, so maybe the duck hunters can keep up their good success. The serious hunters are figuring on a big supply of birds coming in this weekend and with the first split closing Sunday, they may stick around and hold other ducks as well. The opening of the second split could be a doozy.

One of my best sources for outdoor info told me that the opening split of duck season in our area was the best in more than a decade and he goes as regularly as anybody I know.

As for fishermen, nothing seems to keep some anglers off the water in search of white perch these days. On the coldest of days last week, there were boats out in the deep water, catching some pretty good messes of fish on Lake D’Arbonne. I have a feeling the next few days may keep most at home, but you never know. The good news is whenever it gets warm enough in a few days for you to take it, the fish are still in 12-14 feet deep in much deeper water. The approaching cold weather may drive them a bit deeper, but it will probably congregate them even more as well. Some nicer one pound plus fish are also being caught.

Most fishermen are using jigs in chartreuse, white or some kind of pink combo. The jig color probably isn’t as important as getting it the right depth. Using an extra weight on your line to keep the bait down is a good tip for this time of year.

Fishermen on Lake Claiborne are reporting about the same thing. Fishing there has been picking up for white perch as well.  Bass fishermen on both lakes seem to be either hunting, staying home or being quiet about both of those.

The Ouachita River has produced some good catches of white perch around the deeper tops. All the rain has messed up some of the river and it’s pretty muddy. But if you know where to go, it’s a good time to catch them bunched up.


2 thoughts on “Hunting, fishing report

  1. Good one, H!!! I love seeing the kids get a deer and be hooked for life on something other than drinking and drugs.

    Dr c

    Posted by Cal Kinnaird | December 5, 2013, 12:3612:09 pm
  2. As you have said “train up a child in the way he should go”…………..
    Appreciate your efforts to do this.

    Posted by si | December 5, 2013, 12:361:35 am

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