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duckTurn out the lights. The party is over.  At least for this season.  I cringed when I heard the words, “Duck Dynasty Season Finale”.  No. It can’t be. But it was. Wednesday night is the final episode for 2013 (there will be some special Holiday treats, though…). The “Duck Dynasty” crew is releasing a Christmas album October 29, and in addition to the camouflage, swampland, decoys, and beards bushier than Santa’s on the cover, “Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas” includes guest appearances from some of country music’s biggest names. More on that later.

Back to the season finale. Like always, the duck dudes went out with a bang. What did you expect. At least they didn’t do anything crazy like let Phil make a Jack-O-Lantern scary with his shotgun. Oh, yes they did.  Or at least Si didn’t dress up like a man-size beaver. Ok, they did that too.

“You telling me if you saw a beaver the size of a man, you wouldn’t be scared,” Si asks Willie. “I’m a mutated beaver anyway.” It isn’t about the costume, it’s about the attitude.

It was all part of the special fun at the “Duck Commander Scarehouse” where Quack-O-Lantern got everybody together for the finale.

As expected, Phil said several times he was not really into All – Hallows Eve, it being a Pagan holiday and all. But a fresh batch of Ms. Kay’s muffins and cookies got him to “participate” a bit. It was pretty scary seeing Phil wear a NECKTIE — he once told me he didn’t own a necktie, so I know he borrowed it. I’m not sure if he had to sleep on the couch or not, though. He kinda cut off Ms. Kay while she was telling her spooky Halloween story to the grandkids.  Thanks, Phil.

But the best part of all was the ending, when Willie snuck back in for one last handful of candy, only to be surprised by Jase’s hand shooting up from the candy bowl sending Willie sprawling into the hay bales.

“Ya’ll scared yet?”  Happy Halloween, Jack-O-Lantern.


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