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The bumper sticker is right

The green and gold bumper stickers can be seen all around Union Parish and the surrounding area. Most of them are on the back of pickup trucks. They are all there because the man and his department who  handed them out truly believe what they say. Union Parish Sheriff Bob Buckley passed away recently after … Continue reading

The “rest” of the story

You know what I think one of the biggest problems in our world is today? People are too busy working too hard at trying to be happy to really actually be happy. Run here. Run there. Do this. Do that.  We even do it when hunting and fishing. Get up early. Stay up late. Rush. … Continue reading

A fishing problem?

I’m no fan of MSN, but occasionally, something slips up in one of their media outlets that is actually kind of interesting, like this. Read right below each picture….and decide if you have a fishing problem.  By the way, when you finish reading these, I’d love to hear from you on what some of the … Continue reading

A different Breed

The Monroe celebration of National Hunting and Fishing Day enters a new era this Saturday, Sept. 28, although for most folks in the public it won’t be noticeable.  But for those who have been involved in it over the years, the change will be extremely obvious. While thousands of youngsters are shooting bows and arrows, … Continue reading

It wasn’t a big teal

If you didn’t get to go teal hunting the past two weekends, don’t worry about it. Apparently, it was no big teal… I mean, deal. The number of teal in the state was the lowest in recent years, mostly due to drought conditions and extremely warm temperatures. The second weekend was a bit better for … Continue reading

Bows tonight; Tech bassers place

Archery season for deer opens in Louisiana next Tuesday, October 1, and runs through January 31, 2014. So guess what the topic is at the next “Wild Connections” series sponsored by the Union Parish Library and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries?  How did you guess? A program on bow hunting and archery will … Continue reading

Grand day at the Expo

When Friday’s torrential rains soaked the area and the weather.com map had more green and orange on than fans at a Tulane-Tennessee football game, things were looking a little bleak for this past weekend’s Lake D’Arbonne Country Outdoor Expo at the Recreation Center. But Saturday morning’s bright skies and a love of the outdoors by … Continue reading

A good example

Sometimes when we hunt and fish, the adrenaline gets pumping and we rush to get to our fishing hole or good a good shot at our big buck. In the process, we can loose sight of why we are outdoors to start with. That’s especially true when somebody in front of us takes too long … Continue reading

What can I say?

Wow! We’ve been getting lots of unsolicited endorsements lately (Please note: some slight use of literary license may occur). “I think if you put a bait on the line and you want to fish with it, you’ll find lakedarbonnelife.com will be there. Having the want for reading will help secure victory, both in wood and … Continue reading

Woodn’t have it any other way

The year was 1977.  Mike Wood was 19 and living in West Monroe. Lake D’Arbonne was 14 and living in Farmerville. “One of the things that always sticks out in my mind about  D’Arbonne was when I was in high school,” Mike says. “I started bass fishing and thought I was pretty good. That was … Continue reading

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