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I don’t like “it is what it is”.  What does that mean? To heck with it? …We can’t do anything about it, so deal with it? … Don’t ask me, I heard somebody else that didn’t know anything say it?  Okay, so I looked it up on Wikipedia. It’s “an idiomatic phrase indicating the immutable nature of a circumstance.”  I didn’t look up idiomatic or immutable… It is what it is.

Summer's empty stringer

Summer’s empty stringer

I’m not going to say it, but this week’s fishing report is….well, you know. Deal with it. Fishing is pretty slow in the heat, at least that’s what I got from the three boats of fishermen I saw on the lake yesterday. I expect the skiers to start schooling again tomorrow, but the fish aren’t doing it very often. And everything else must be gone to Florida on vacation.

I’ve heard a few reports of some good white perch being caught in the middle of the day in deep water, but I’ve heard others who can’t get a bite in their best spots on Lake D’Arbonne. There are some folks fishing for bass at night with some success. There are some thunderstorms predicted for this weekend, and if you catch it just right with the barometer falling right before a storm, you might pick up a few bass and a bit of cooler weather. Bream and catfish seem to be the only thing that are biting and they aren’t as easy to catch as a few weeks ago.

The Ouachita River had been producing some good bass and white perch catches around tops and points, but there was some current. Unless somebody pulls the plug on Felsenthal in the next few days, there isn’t any current.

Most of the reports from Claiborne, Caney, & Poverty Point are all about the same. I even checked on a few other fishing reports in some area papers, hoping to pick up some good news. No luck. It is what…oh, stop it!


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