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Duck, Duck, Dynasty

Three ducks and a goose walk into a bar. One duck says to the goose …

Oh never mind. I can’t tell you a joke that will quack you up near as much as watching the Robertson’s. And believe it or not, Season Four beings tomorrow night! Duck Dynasty is back (Wednesday, 9 p.m. Central, A&E Network) There IS hope for America!

Earlier this year, the Season 3 finale of “Duck Dynasty” made it cable TV’s No. 1 non-fiction series and the most-watched series on A&E in all key demographics with a record-breaking 9.6 million total viewers for a single episode. I’m betting they’ll top 10 million Wednesday night. If you can’t watch it live for some reason, make sure the duck tape it (that’s redneck for DVR).

5-Minute-Sneak-Peek-S4_SF_JaseIt looks like the Robertson’s oldest and only beardless son, Alan, will become part of the show. And the family has nixed rumors in the media that Phil won’t be a part of the show any more. I’m glad. And that may just be a PR move to get MORE people to watch while they can still see Phil !!

Wednesday night’s premier sees Jase and Willie get “whipped”, at least that’s what Si calls it. It all has to do with a big wedding. And surprisingly, it’s a surprise wedding, not a shotgun wedding. Oh well, Uncle Si is at it again, continuing the Duck Room education of the boys with terms like DED.  Yep. things you Don’t Ever Do. You’ll have to watch to see more.

I actually look forward to the opening of the “Duck Dynasty” season more than opening of the real duck season. I bet you can’t say the same for Phil!  The fact that Duck Dynasty has overcome TV’s seeming anti-religion bias is one of the hearts of the show as the family prays together at the dinner table at the end of every episode. As Phil often says in one form or another, “There is hope for America“.  Thumbs up.

And by the way, if you are feeling a little too “clean shaven” to watch the First Family of Ducks, there’s an App for that. Yep. Check it out: 




2 thoughts on “Duck, Duck, Dynasty

  1. love the birthday-vacation on the

    Posted by Kathy Roscoe | August 15, 2014, 12:365:32 pm
  2. Kinny —

    The Sportsman’s Expo on Sept. 21 will have a “Duckmen Lookalike Contest”.  check out details at http://www.darbonne-sportsmans-expo.com/  Click on “Grilling & Lookalike Contests”

    There will be a youth category and adult category.  This should be interesting!


       “Nobody else can do the work that God has marked out for you.”   Paul Lawrence Dunbar    


    Posted by J Jones | August 13, 2013, 12:3610:33 am

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