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Fish by Swindle

I’m  gonna guess that you probably don’t read the Park Rapids (Minnesota) Enterprise, so I’m going to share this story with your. First, it’s kind of amazing. Second, it’s kind of sad. But I know a few old men that can’t catch fish on their own and could be led to do something like this…

A Long Prairie (MN) angler was given seven days in jail Monday for cheating at the Park Rapids American Legion Community Fishing Derby.  Alfred “Tom” Mead, age 72,  pleaded guilty in Hubbard County District Court to a felony charge of “theft by swindle”  …for sneaking a previously caught fish into the tournament.

Mead admitted to catching two northern pike on another lake and keeping them alive to bring to the American Legion tournament. The judge also pulled Mead’s fishing and hunting privileges for two years in Hubbard County and all adjacent counties. Mead will be on probation for four years, during which he is barred from the Legion Club and was fined $200 and ordered to pay a $75 public defender co-payment.

old-man-in-prison-thumb20564154According to the newspaper, many had long suspected the man of cheating at fishing tournaments. The judge scolded Mead for taking the enjoyment out of the tournament for the honest participants and for stealing. The grand prize was an Ice Castle fish house valued at $10,000. Mead “was planning on registering the fish in the tournament in an effort to win a prize,” the complaint states.

According to the paper, Mead’s previous brushes with the outdoor law included “fishing over the limit” and ”fishing with two hooks or a treble hook not attached to an artificial lure.”

EDITOR’S NOTE:  My wife often accuses me of fishing over the limit, but I think that refers to how many times I go, not how many I catch. And I guess fishing with a hook and no lure would be what we southerners call “snagging”. And one more thing. Apparently the man was arrested for planning to cheat, not actually bringing the fish to the tournament. Hmmm. George better remember that next time he schemes to beat me by hiding my good fishing baits.

If you are glutton for punishment and want to see more:  http://www.parkrapidsenterprise.com/content/cheating-angler-gets-seven-days-jail-loses-license#sthash.GYwLX2Pe.dpuf


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