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Fallen, Not Forgotten

Today, there is something more important than talking “outdoors”..  I hope you have six minutes to quietly reflect on those who came before and ensured the freedoms we have today in the United States of America. Don’t Celebrate Memorial Day. Honor Memorial Day by humbly thanking those who made the ultimate sacrifice for Freedom. God Bless them and their families. God Bless the USA.

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One thought on “Fallen, Not Forgotten

  1. My mother is from Vicksburg, Ms. as a younster that played and explored the park with my cousins. We had an uncle that would take us on trips throughout the battlefield and cemetary.

    The past few years we have been having family reunions in Vicksburg on Memorial Day weekend. Those of us (3) that are in our mid 60’s relate to the younger ones that learned the history about what this great country is about. We miss our parents and the hard work they endured to raise their children to always do the right thing and thank the LORD for what we earned.

    To see our younger cousins (many) that have or are raising their children in the way that us older ones were is heart warming. Thank you for your writings sir.

    We tour the battlefield and impart some of the knowledge that our dear uncle shared with us so many years ago. The park was beautiful then, not so much now. The park service is very neglectful, there are no beautiful meadows in the hollers. The grass is barely trimmed around the monuments. They cut trees down, leave them laying to bleach in the sun and decay.

    Sad that our government doesn’t take better care of our treasure.


    Posted by Dale Brantley | May 28, 2013, 12:363:44 pm

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