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A pretty good afternoon

If you’ve been missing the tales about George and I going fishing, so have we.

George works in an outdoor job, mostly so he will have less chance of being recognized (You remember, he’s in the witness protection program).  They’ve been real busy lately, too. But he had an afternoon off the other day and called, “Hey, you wanna go fishing for awhile this afternoon?”

I don’t say “no” to that question very often. He said he would buy us some crickets and get everything ready so we could cook when we got through fishing. Sounded good to me.

A few minutes before I was about to leave to meet him at the lake, the phone rang again. “Have you got some place on the way where you can pick up some crickets for us?”  I should have known. But I found out he did at least try. He had spent 20 minutes at a local store trying to get somebody to wait on him in the cricket department. I won’t mention the store’s name, but it seems that the only certified cricket catcher at Wally World that afternoon must’ve called in sick. No problem. I stopped by my trusty cricket supplier and was out of there with a box full in two minutes. Living in a small town does have its advantages.

Anyway, we got to the lake and I started unloading my gear. I happened to notice that George didn’t have a cane pole or a mini-cast. He just had his bass rod and a pocket full of plastic worms. He explained to me that he had just gotten back from the Bass Pro Shop and picked up a new super duper bass fishing combo that the owner had signed and everything. It was pretty slick.

“I thought we were going to bream fish,” I said.  “You try them and see if they are biting. I’ll try the bass,” he said.  I see now he has figured out to catch more bass than me, or at least tie.  Lucky for me, I had a bass rod, too. It wasn’t long until he caught a bass, then another. I had caught a few bream, too. Then I noticed him talking on the cell phone. “We’re right down here by the xxxx0000xxxx (Hey, I can’t tell you exactly where we were fishing!).  It was Little George. He wanted to join us. That is always fun. He’s a really good fisherman, though, and we have to work hard to keep him from beating us.  I shouldn’t have put that first part in writing.

Little George joined us and immediately noticed the new rod and reel. Of course he had tobacklash try it.  Ziiiiiiinnngg!  He cast it out across the water and things got real quiet. I turned around and looked and saw a great big bird’s nest. And it wasn’t the kind birds lay eggs in. I tried not to laugh, so I just smiled real big. That was better than catching a big fish.  It also gave me time to switch gears from breamin’ to bassin’ and over the next hour or so, we caught several nice bass.

“This is barely enough for supper, especially if we have to feed Little George, too”, I said.

“Don’t worry,” George said. “I patted out some big hamburgers for us and we’ll grill them back at the house.”  Confidence.  That’s what I like. Confidence that we could catch enough for supper. Anyway, it was a good trip. The burgers were great. And we didn’t have to clean fish. And that backlash….well, as they say on the TV commercial — priceless. Considering how some of our trips end up, it was a pretty good afternoon.


One thought on “A pretty good afternoon

  1. Awww! That looks like a little rookie bird’s nest compared to some I’ve been known to create. Hey, glad you guys had plenty of fun.

    Posted by Ray Jones | May 18, 2013, 12:364:39 pm

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