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Today’s fishing report

You’ve got to be kidding, right?  It’s the fourth day of May and I rode past three of Lake D’Arbonne’s busiest boat ramps Friday about mid-morning. It was 44 degrees outside. The wind was blowing 20 miles an hour from the northwest and the waves slapping the bank on the highway ramp alongside of Hwy. 15 were splashing all the way across the road. Is this Kansas? I think I know how Dorothy felt.  There was one truck and boat trailer parked at the old Jake’s boat dock. I can remember those days.  That could have been me. . . when I was about 20 years old.

And you want a fishing report? Well, I am back giving mostly weather reports. The rain is pretty much gone today. It’s still going to be cold. Winds will again be 15-20 mph from the northwest Saturday, but things are looking up….again. It will get up into the low 60’s and 70’s the next few days, so here goes:

It's time for big ol' bream like this one to take off!

It’s time for big ol’ bream like this one to take off!

The bream had started biting in most area lakes and if you can find a still spot, they probably still are, even with the cold front. The water is still pretty warm.  Best spots are in two-three feet of water. The catfish are spawning and have been feeding in the shallow water pretty good especially early-to-mid morning. The major times to fish today according to the Solunar Tables are 7:45 a.m. and 8:05 p.m. plus a couple of hours after that.

The crappie bite is off quite a bit, but some fish are still in shallower water spawning on Lake D’Arbonne. Still others have moved into deeper water – from 5-6 feet in some areas as deep as 10-12 in others. For all I know, those deeper fish may be exhausted from swimming in every time in got warm and back out every time it got cold. They may have given up on spring and are just staying out there. I understand. Shiners and jigs ae working.  As I mentioned early, the bream had really began to turn on in shallow areas on worms and crickets. I managed to catch a good mess Thursday right before the wind turned from the NORTH. Catfishing is still good on cold worms and some are being caught on shiners. I have no bass fishing reports, but a lot of fish should still be shallow on big plastics and those that have spawned should be holding on boat docks, piers and ridges close to shallow water.

At Lake Claiborne, bream fishing had also been really good in the coves and in shallow bedding areas. Crappie fishing is on again, off again. There were some reports of stripers beginning to school. They are probably still schooling, but they are back in deep water. On Poverty Point Reservoir,  there are still numerous reports of really big bass in the 8-9 pound range and lots of 6-7’s. Bream fishing has been good and should be again as soon as the wind lays.

Reports are that fish are scattered on the Ouachita River but some bass are being caught in the river lakes. We’ll get a good river bass report after next weekends Fishers of Men tournament on the river. Those guys are always willing to share what they caught them on and how. Just don’t expect a map showing WHERE!!!  

Here’s the best tip of all:  You can’t catch them if you don’t have your hook in the water.


One thought on “Today’s fishing report

  1. Oh boy, oh boy! It does my old heart good to see an old bass fisherman giving a bream fishing report. It just goes to show that there can be some semblance of justice in this world. 🙂 Keep it up, Kinny; I constantly marvel at your maturation as an angler.

    Posted by Ray Jones | May 5, 2013, 12:368:47 pm

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