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I love to do just about anything in the outdoors in Louisiana, but I’ve never been bitten by the turkey bug. I went twice. I killed a gobbler my first time out in the first hour. That was 30 years ago. Yes, I had a great turkey hunter put me in the right spot, call for me and do everything but pull the trigger.

The second time I went, I went alone. I am a bit timid about sitting on the ground in total camo and making noises like the bird that everybody is trying to shoot. I’m also a bit timid about snakes this time of year.  The second time I went, I got everything set up, but when I sat down, the top of my aerosol mosquito spray in my little backpack had fallen off.  Just as I leaned against the tree, it broke the earlphoto-16y morning still and silence with a “Hiissssssssssssssssssssss” sound that, to the best of my imagination, sounded like an eight foot snake about to eat me.  Okay, yes, I was chicken. And after the yell I let out, I knew no turkey would be within 10 miles. The only turkey near there was me!  I went home and retired. Now the only turkeys I hunt are frozen, and that’s usually around Christmas time.

There are folks that love to turkey hunt, though, and it’s a great sport for young hunters where they can spend time, or even the same blind, with experienced hunters. One of those young hunters pictured here is Henton Roberts from Ruston. He is 10 years old. This is actually his 3rd turkey! He was super excited. It had 9 1/2 inch beard. That’s a good one in anybody’s book.

In case you are wondering, the 2013 wild turkey season opened March 23 in three designated areas with varying end of season dates as follows: Area A, March 23 – April 21; Area B, March 23 – April 14; and Area C, March 23 – April 7. Most of our area that is open to turkey hunting is in Area A.

To access additional information, the 2013 Turkey Regulations pamphlet can be viewed at http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/regulations.


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