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C of C C

That stands for Chamber of Commerce Crappie.

You know, the kind that you would expect the Director of the Union Parish Chamber of Commerce to catch and take pictures of, then expect somebody like me to show them to everybody else so they would want to come catch big crappie at Lake D’Arbonne and spend money in Farmerville.

Well, it will probably work. This is a photo of three big crappie caught a couple of days ago by Jerry Taylor of Farmerville, title listed above. I don’t know if you can see it or not, but the largest one is pushing 18 inches on the ruler.  Jerry is an avid fisherman and boat dock builder (just his own, though). He lives on the north shore of Lake D’Arbonne and either sent me this picture to make me jealous or to help do his job as Mr. Chamber. I’m going to take the professional route and think it’s the latter.

Most white perch being caught on the lake now are small to medium, but as this photo shows, the big ones are still out there and can be caught.  And as the weather becomes a bit colder, the big ones will become more common. With the lake drawn down, it will also be easier to catch them. Catch what you need, but leave some for stock. There will be other fishing trips and fishing responsibly now will ensure the future trips will be good as well. Go fishing. Go have fun. And have a crappie day (and hey, I mean that in a nice way!).


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