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A time for everything

If you haven’t already moved your clock back one hour by Sunday morning, you are an hour ahead of most of the rest of us.  Welcome to Daylight Savings Time.  We’ve manipulated the clock once again to make “time” fit our needs. We need it to be daylight an hour earlier and it’s okay to be dark an hour earlier. In the spring, we’ll reverse it. Tick tock. Tock tick..

I don’t much care for the “time change” deal, but I do understand it. We can manipulate what time it is on the clock, but we can’t control what time it really is. Time is a part of life that is in control of itself. You can’t get back the minute that just passed. You can’t move forward to the minute that’s just ahead until it is…well, until it is time.

Make the most of your time. Work hard when you are supposed to. Play hard when you can (that includes a healthy dose of hunting, fishing, and doing whatever you enjoy outdoors). Rest when you need to. Take time to share with your loved ones. And take time to enjoy the bountiful opportunities and even challenges that life gives you. There’s a time for everything. Put your energy into the time you are given.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under Heaven.” — Ecclesiastes 3

Reminder: If you are a bass fishing fan, don’t forget the weigh-in of the FLW EverStart Championship. The tourney is on the Ouachita River and weigh-in is at Walmart on Louisville in Monroe at 4 p.m. today. Special fishing displays and exhibits will be open to the public from noon – 4 in the same place.


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