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A Fall cold front, indicated by a stark gray line in the clouds, rolls over Lake D’Arbonne yesterday bringing cold temperatures and and a brisk north wind to visit our region for the weekend.

There are four factors that can mess up Fall fishing:

1. Muddy Water — often this time of year we have huge rains and if the lake you are fishing has any kind of drainage into it, the water will probably get muddy. It won’t totally shut off the fish, but it will make it more difficult. Our area didn’t get a lot of water yesterday, but enough to change things.

2. Cold Fronts — the real ones where it goes from 80 to 40 in 24 hours.  That’s usually accompanied by a steady north wind. We got that this weekend, too.That will shut down the fish, or at least move them around to where they are harder to catch. The fish usually recover after a couple of days, though.

3. Wrong time — one key ingredient for Fall fishing success is paying attention to the Solunar Tables. It obviously isn’t the only indicator of when fish will bite, but it’s a good bet that being in your best spot at the major time of the day will pay dividends. There’s no tougher time to fish than on the backside of a major biting period (by the way, Solunar Tables customized for northeast Louisiana are a click away on this site).

4. Staying Home — you can’t catch them if you don’t go. Some of the best fishing trips I’ve ever made this time of year came on days when I knew I wasn’t going to catch anything, but went anyway.

Take your pick. We got rain and it will muddy the water (1). There was definitely a cold front (2) visiting us, so a lot of folks will probably stay home (4). That’s three out of four. As for me, 4 is a definite choice this weekend for sure. 


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