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Crappie Masters headed to D’Arbonne

 This is the first of a two-part series: There’s good news for Lake D’Arbonne crappie fishermen: Some lucky (well, good & lucky) crappie fishermen will be able to find a little financial relief four days after TAX DAY, 2015. That’s because Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters is headed to Lake D’Arbonne for its first-ever professional … Continue reading

Kids fishing day on D’Arbonne

Recently the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries in conjunction with the Lake D’Arbonne State Park held a free fishing day for kids on the fishing piers at the park. A big crowd turned out and quite a few good fish were caught. Thanks to these two groups for putting this on — and to … Continue reading

Captain D’s = Fish

Okay, when you think of Captain D’s, you have to think of fish, right? Well, you probably don’t think of the same fish as this Captain D. While he does fish for just about every kind of fish at Lake Claiborne near Homer, the summer months tend to give “Captain D”  Donny Hood tunnel vision … Continue reading


Want a very vivid illustration of why you don’t stand underneath a tree during a lightning storm? This video is from the US Parks Service of a tree beside a park in New York. It shows a pretty big tree being turned into matchsticks by a single bolt from the blue…   ***** ANY   QUESTIONS … Continue reading

Go fish…for free!

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries invites Louisianans of all ages to fish for free the first weekend in June without a fishing license on any of the state’s public waters. Louisiana offers miles of shoreline and a myriad of freshwater lakes, marsh, and bayous to take opportunity of during this annual event. The … Continue reading


There’s been some worry this year that boatloads of fishermen might be catching too many white perch on Lake D’Arbonne. I’ve covered that in separate posts. There is one group of “fishermen” that I know are catching and eating too many fish. And they are wounding many, many more.  And the fish aren’t all crappie. … Continue reading

Good cause chukars!

And you thought the only thing going on was fishing… Our friends at Hunters for Heroes are less than two weeks out from their next event. On Friday, April 11, Hunters for Heroes will host eight disabled veterans from Fort Polk WTU at Wild Wings Lodge in Downsville. On Saturday, they will be treated to … Continue reading

Crappie commotion!

It is a rare chance when something won’t make anybody happy, but mix politics and fishing and look out, brother. Today we talk about the topic of Lake D’Arbonne crappie limits. See, I bet some of you are already getting fired up . . . Lake D’Arbonne is 50 years old and remains one of … Continue reading

Fisheries head: “Celebrate crappie success”

It’s only natural. Hundreds of fishermen are catching hundreds of Lake D’Arbonne crappie day after day after day. The boats are so thick in some areas of the lake that it seems like you could “walk on water” from boat to boat. Then, you start to wonder, are folks catching too many? Is all this … Continue reading

Heroes complete rabbit mission!

Saturday’s Hunters for Heroes rabbit hunt in Morehouse Parish was a successful mission. Not only did 135 people show up to help cook for, guide and just plain support the 10 wounded veterans that took part in the hunt, enough rabbits even took part to provide meat for a rabbit stew! I’ll let Louisiana Hunters … Continue reading

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