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Crappie Masters: Have tournaments; will travel

It’s not unusual for some folks to load up and go to the beach every year. Others might even go to Disney World every year, or make a trip to hunting camp every year. But going somewhere three times in seven months? That’s a stretch. But that is exactly what Mike Vallentine and Crappie Masters … Continue reading

Tragedy in Caldwell Parish

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) enforcement agents are investigating a double boating fatality that occurred in Caldwell Parish last night, Jan. 16, according to a LDWF news release sent out Sunday.The deceased bodies of two 15-year-old boys were recovered from Lafourche Lake around midnight on Jan. 16.According to the operator, Travis H. McFarlain, … Continue reading

It’s something you can do

The world. It’s crazy. But it has, in fact, always been. The Word. It is magnificent. It is, and in fact, always has been. So in these times that we think are crazy and out of control, find solace in the fact that what lies ahead is greater than what lies behind. So it’s Sunday, … Continue reading

It can happen to anybody

For 40+ years, Paul Meeks of Tallulah has preached and taught and planned for hunter safety. Paul is the founder and developer of API Outdoors, which became the country’s largest producer of tree stands, in fact, he invented one of the first climbing stands for deer. In 2020, he was inducted into the National Legends … Continue reading

Making the most of D’Arbonne

Farmerville has a treasure that most communities anywhere would jump through hoops for. Lake D’Arbonne. It’s a 16,000 acre jewel. Or as former newspaper editor Sam Hanna declared more than 50 years ago when the lake was built, “A Haven in the Hills.” Everybody has an opinion about everything when it comes to Lake D’Arbonne. … Continue reading

A worthy endeavor

A very special deer

Editor’s note: Today we turn the blog over to my oldest grandson, 10-year-old William. Here’s his Happy New Year story). “My First Kill” by William Haddox I will never forget the day I shot my first deer. It was a very cold morning and I made my way to the deer stand with my dad. … Continue reading

Union deer contest has new leader

There’s a new leader in the K&M big deer contest for Union Parish. It’s a huge deer for the piney woods of Union Parish. Congrats to David Smith, whose deer is the new leader in Union Parish BIg Buck contest: 159 2/8 You can find out more info about the contest and the prizes at … Continue reading

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