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‘Beep Beep’ for crappie!

Beep Beep. It’s Road Runner time. But instead of Wile E. Coyote trying to catch the Road Runner in a Looney Tunes cartoon, I’m talking a different chase. It’s that time of the year that crappie start chasing one of my favorite crappie lures — the Road Runner. You know, the kind that are made … Continue reading

Prayers for Lake D’Arbonne Country

We went fishing yesterday and had a good story to share. But that is trivial today in the wake of the loss of life, destruction and fear that last night’s devastating storm that left its trail across Lake D’Arbonne Country in Lincoln and Union parishes. Damage was especially severe in Ruston. So today, we just … Continue reading

Listen to the preacher’s motor

Our little hump in the swamp, circa 1984 Fishing forays fall under one of three categories — prizes, consolation prizes or surprises. On occasion, you end up in one more aptly categorized in the end as a “booby prize”. Sorting through some old files the other day, I found one labeled “Easter campout 1984”. Inside … Continue reading

Happy Easter

Sunday’s Coming

Weather hasn’t stopped turkeys

It’s turkey time in north Louisiana. With all the weather activity putting a damper on fishing, it hasn’t slowed down the area’s turkey talkers. So far, reports are pretty good from afield, with a few exceptions pointed out below. Thursday’s latest round of storms will slow things for a day, but hopefully the season will … Continue reading

Lots of water

Well, while we were catching a little breather instead of catching little fish, the region was taking the brunt of some really bad weather. The home lake, D’Arbonne, was getting pounded by rain and then inundated with the runoff from heavy rains elsewhere in the watershed. Prayers to those who have suffered damage. As of … Continue reading

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Bastrop – Morehouse Chamber

Benoit Ford North

Dusty Gates, Union Parish Sheriff

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