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LDWF to explain Bussey plan

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries will hold a public meeting to provide an update on the progress of renovations at Bussey Brake Wildlife Management Area Reservoir. The meeting will be Tuesday, March 26 at 7 p.m. at the Bastrop Visitor’s Center on North Washington Street. Better get there early to get a seat. … Continue reading

Countdown to ACT

At the end of next week, the National Champion of the American Crappie Trail will be crowned on Lake D’Arbonne. Things are gearing up for a big week. The lake is off limits right now to tournament fishermen, but final preparations are ongoing for the big show. Above is a look at some of the … Continue reading

BASS Classic action & more

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Cole Sands and Bailey Fain of Bryan College got ahead of Sunday’s unfavorable weather conditions, sacked up a five-bass limit that weighed 13 pounds, 11 ounces and won the Carhartt Bassmaster College Classic on Watts Bar Lake. The event was held in conjunction with the Bassmaster Classic this weekend. Congratulations to University … Continue reading

Stand your ground

Boy, if you don’t think God’s word is just as applicable today as ever, you need to check your lamp and make sure it is still plugged in. The dark world is alive and well and being served by people and a political party I never dreamed would turn their back on America, morality and … Continue reading

Live to bite another day

You think the American Crappie Trail National Championship is about catching lots of fish? It is to the contestants. But not to ACT President Matt Morgan. He’s already thinking past the bite, the catch and the weigh-in. He’s already thinking about throwing them back. And they haven’t even been caught yet. Seriously. Don’t get me … Continue reading

These are keepers!

If you read lakedarbonnelife.com, don’t thank me. OK, you can thank me. But please, thank the folks pictured below. They are our sponsors and we would not be here without them. None of them have to do it. But they support fishing, hunting, the outdoors and the Lake D’Arbonne Country community. Please tell them you … Continue reading

Thought for today:

And yes, more big bucks

You have to live in north Louisiana to appreciate the fact that the area’s outdoorsmen, right here in the middle of prime fishing season, are still thinking about big bucks. And hunting stories. And, well, making excuses about the big one they missed. You get the picture. This Friday night, March 8, the 2019 Union … Continue reading

ACT: It’s the big one, Ethel!

The old TV show Samford and Son was famous for one-liners like “you old fish-eyed fool” and “It’s the big one, Ethel“. And while they weren’t talking about actual fish, Lake D’Arbonne is famous for big fish — like crappie, bass and catfish. Near as I can find out, Fred never fished D’Arbonne, but there’s … Continue reading

No catch here

There’s no “catch” to this. It’s something rare today: just the plain, honest truth. A growing number of people cant handle it. Too bad for them.

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