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You wanna know how long I’ve been around? Just check out my short list of things to be thankful for: Black Grape Jelly Wagglers * A mom & dad who fished *  Trolling motors (you ever paddle a boat very far?) * Aunt Lucy’s Pond (even the day cousin Paul cut the topwater plug out … Continue reading

Duck, duck Whoosh!

Man, the opening weekend of duck season 2018-19 East Zone version was shaping up to be a doozy. We had SNOW in November the week BEFORE the season….we had a fair migration of early ducks and there was water, water everywhere. Then came another front three days before the season and washed the ducks away … Continue reading

LDWF handy hunting app

Users of state wildlife management areas have a new friend.  A new app that will allow users of Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) to check in and out of WMAs online with their mobile device is now available, LDWF announced. While physical WMA self-clearing permit stations are still available, … Continue reading

Greater love

You know why you are free to worship where and how you want today? Why you are free to hunt, fish, bear arms, pursue happiness? It’s because countless men and women have served to defend and protect your freedom. At the top of that list are our military veterans. There’s a new generation of ignorant … Continue reading

A secret weapon for crappie

Definition of overalls:   Noun.  1. a garment consisting of trousers with a front flap over the chest held up by straps over the shoulders, made of sturdy material and worn especially as casual or working clothes.  2. Something that will help you catch more crappie. Okay, maybe I made that second part of the definition … Continue reading

It’s crappie.com week!

Whether you are a veteran crappie angler just looking for a fun weekend, or a newcomer to the sport who wants to learn from some of the best, there is an event on Lake D’Arbonne this weekend that is for you. It’s a family-based affair — no rules and regulations and formal atmosphere. It’s the … Continue reading

Small is the gate

Right is still right. Wrong is still wrong. Yet today, we are pounded daily by false prophets who would tell us differently. They are often subtle. They are often bold. But following the wrong crowd just because it is a crowd will still get you in a lot of trouble, both in this time and … Continue reading

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Wood Marine of Ruston

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Eagle Point Boat & RV storage

Eagle Point Boat & RV storage. Call (318) 368-8400 or (318) 245-4170 for your Boat or RV spot today. Electricity available at each site; water and RV sewer dump and 24-hour video surveillance.