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Crappie on the river

A couple of teams you will probably be hearing more about this summer in the crappie tournament news ended up on top of the Crappie Fishermen United of Louisiana tournament on the Ouachita River this past weekend. The two teams are regulars on the American Crappie Trail which will be coming to the Ouachita in … Continue reading

River crappie event Saturday

There’s some big news coming on the Ouachita River next month. The next stop on the national American Crappie Trail will be on the river June 22-23 out of Monroe. That’s a big one. You can find out more information about that right here: https://www.americancrappietrail.com/ There’s also a good warmup for that event coming on … Continue reading

Looking good!

There’s a group of young fishing folks in our area that have been doing a great job representing their schools and our area for the past decade.  The trend continues. So here’s a wave of the fishing cap from lakedarbonnelife.com to the young athletes who are blazing a trail in college bass fishing, and quite … Continue reading

This story is just bearginning

Here we are in Louisiana, broke and struggling under the threat of shutting down LSU football, kicking grandma out of the nursing home and no telling what’s next — maybe taking milk away from babies? But our state is also saddled with trying to figure out how to solve the self-inflicted black bear problem. The … Continue reading

A Mom made for the Day

A Bible verse fitting the memory of my Mom on Mother’s Day.  Ecclesiastes 2:24     “There is nothing better for a person than that they should eat and drink and find enjoyment in their toil. This also, I saw, is from the hand of God. For who apart from Him who can have enjoyment?” My Mom … Continue reading

Sinko de Bremo!

A lot of folks were out this past weekend celebrating Cinco de Mayo, the Spanish holiday meaning  “Fifth of May”, with tacos, burritos guacamole and various brands of cerveza rubia! I have my own way of celebrating, though, late or not. If I get lucky and the fish cooperate, I call it Sinko de Breamo. … Continue reading

And the results…

Nearly 60 teams competed in the North Central Louisiana Student Angler Bass tournament on D’Arbonne Saturday. Congratulations to West Ouachita fishing team for taking home the school points championship. This has been a great year and we are going to miss this group of seniors. Congrats to William Lambert and Jacob Phil for winning the … Continue reading

What’s your favorite fish bait?

My favorite fish bait of all time goes back to the days when I was really mad at the largemouth bass.  The bait? A Mann’s six-inch Black Grape Jelly Waggler plastic worm. I’ve caught more fish on that bait than any other. And when they quit making them two decades ago, I contacted a kind … Continue reading

Gonna be a busy Saturday

Saturday is going to be a busy day on area waters, not just for the regular weekend fishermen, but for some special events that you should consider checking out. Saturday’s forecast calls for a chance of rain early on all the events, but hopefully it will end early and let the participants have a good … Continue reading

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