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“Channel” your inner crappie!

How about a three-part series of top crappie fishing tips from lakedarbonnelife.com and a fellow named “Nick” for Christmas… Part 1 of a 3 part series Crappie on Lake D’Arbonne are in transition right now. A good number of crappie have been gathering in the channels and have been biting fairly well for a couple … Continue reading

Shopping? Or Preparing?

Stop. Take time to properly prepare your heart for this season. Now.  

The $1,236.14 deer

WARNING Deer hunters:  DO NOT let your wives read this!! Also, the following photo may also be offensive to those that don’t know PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals or those that do actually understand basic economics. Here’s something you don’t see every day. A $1,236.14 deer. Well, two big sacks of what’s left … Continue reading

La Hunters for Heroes

You can tell from the Facebook page above that the Louisiana Hunters for Heroes had a great time in Union Parish this weekend. The group had some good success in the woods and even more success visiting, eating and sharing caring for each other. This is a great group and they had a great welcome … Continue reading

What about you?


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Eagle Point Boat & RV storage

Eagle Point Boat & RV storage. Call (318) 368-8400 or (318) 245-4170 for your Boat or RV spot today. Electricity available at each site; water and RV sewer dump and 24-hour video surveillance.

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