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Super Bowl Bass!

Sometimes I can’t remember why I got up and walked into another room. But I remember the biggest stringer of bass I helped catch on Lake D’Arbonne like it was yesterday.  The old article below, republished here today chronicles that catch. It was made years ago the Saturday before the Super Bowl. The yellowing original … Continue reading

Got your goose?

Still itching to get up before the crack of dawn, wade through the mud in the cold or rain and take a few shots at high flying birds? Well, it’s time to get your goose. The extended goose season is upon us and there are plenty of geese. The only question is what to do … Continue reading

Crappie.com, part 2

Part 2 of a 2 part series Nobody has been more surprised about the astounding growth of Crappie.com, which today bills itself as “America’s Crappie Community”, than founder and owner Ed Moes.  After spending quite a few hours on the home page and the various forums. I understand why it has grown so. It’s a … Continue reading

Crappie.com, part 1

Part 1 of a 2 part series How did a self-professed computer geek, born in Chicago, Illinois, who cut his eye teeth hunting and fishing in Michigan and who got college degrees from George Washington University, Dominican University and Elmhurst College, end up as the king of the on-line crappie kingdom? It’s as interesting a … Continue reading

Great revelation

People wonder, “What’s happened to our country?” It might come as a great revelation to some, but the answer is pretty simple. A large part of a generation of American young folks were not taught as children to follow Christ. Now, they have kids, and some even grandkids. Who is going to reach them? It’s … Continue reading

Wild Game Dinner benefit

Want to enjoy some wild game dishes such as deer, elk, fish, alligator, duck, quail and more? Saturday, Feb. 1, New Chapel Hill Baptist Church will host it’s second annual Wild Game Tasting with benefits to go to assist Chris and Mindy Jones. There will be some awesome auction items, like a trailer, deer food … Continue reading

Sun setting on duck season

The clock is ticking on the 2013-14 duck season in the East Zone, which includes all of northeast Louisiana. The second split in the East ends Sunday, January 26. A special one-day youth hunt is scheduled for Feb. 1.  I miss the cut on that one by a few days…Check your regulations pamphlet for details … Continue reading

Duck call$ and the boat $how

The stories around the highest bidder for Duck Commander Phil Robertson’s millionth duck call made last year just kind of make one feel proud of folks in our area. First of all, Duck Commander donated the commemorative, autographed call to be auctioned to raise money for the Northeast Louisiana Veterans’ Association Wounded Warrior hunts. The good … Continue reading

As first reported here….

Folks that know me would tell you in a heartbeat that I would never say “I TOLD YOU SO”…but I want to share this with you anyway as we look at three days this week with temps in the 20’s.  Okay, humor me. It’s a rerun (pardon me) of  our Oct. 2, 2013 entry into … Continue reading

Deer gone it!

With only a few exceptions, mostly for primitive weapons, the 2013-14 deer season is gone. It’s in the books. It’s a wrap. Check the LDWF regulations pamphlet to make sure of any remaining dates in your area, and the special requirements, like primitive weapons only, for those dates! From all indications, it was a good … Continue reading

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