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Boat Launch Permit renewals due

It’s time for another year of the new Annual Boat Launch Permit program on Lake D’Arbonne. It’s the first time in the history of the lake that launch permits have been required. As far as I know, not a single person has died or had to file for bankruptcy because of the new fee program. … Continue reading

What’s going on with pro crappie tournaments?

Large professional crappie fishing tournaments are in the midst of a serious identity crisis. Not the fishermen and women themselves, mind you; it’s the playing field – the tours themselves and the number of people willing to come out and pay to play in today’s environment. And it’s pretty much self-induced. Participant numbers are way … Continue reading

Best fishing tip ever

Jake Ormond: Making more, better fishermen

ULM coach Terry Bowden and Sterlington pro fishermen Jake Ormond There are a lot of differences between us old timer fishermen and the new breed of anglers. None is greater than this: With old timers, you have to administer Chinese water torture to even get them to tell you what lake they are fishing on. … Continue reading

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