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A good day with George and Harry

This time of year, when you can go to the lake catch fish, have fun and stay warm, it’s a great day. So, two out of three ain’t bad, right? You can always warm up later. A few days back, it was bone-chilling cold and we went fishing, staring straight into a 23 mph north … Continue reading

MLF anglers ready for center stage

You don’t have to be a bass fishermen to enjoy what’s about to happen starting next week on Lake D’Arbonne, Caney and Bussey. In fact, you don’t even have to be a fisherman. It’s the biggest event to ever hit the outdoors in north Louisiana, maybe the whole state. Pay attention. Major League Fishing (MLF) … Continue reading

Shriner’s event more than a crappie tournament !

The list of tournaments and competitive fishing events seems to grow every year. But occasionally, one comes along that is about more than just fishing or competing. Such is the case this coming April 2 on Lake D’Arbonne. The past two years, the Barak Shriners of Louisiana have been dealt a severe blow by the … Continue reading

On the Hook at D’Arbonne

Well, you won’t be wearing shorts this week, but the On the Hook video that aired this weekend should get you wanting to get back on the lake and catch some D’Arbonne crappie. Check it out on Facebook. Good job, Jason and Jeremy! Now where’s that net? And yes, the fish are biting. https://www.facebook.com/OnTheHookTV/

Weekend duck report:

Here’s this weekend’s duck report! ******************************** Okay, it was this cold and a lot of duck waters froze up. But if you’ve been duck hunting, you know this isn’t really from this weekend around here. We don’t have that many ducks. Plus the heading on the video kind of gives it away, but we were … Continue reading

Ready or not, here comes MLF!

Are Lake D’Arbonne, Caney Lake and Bussey Brake ready for Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour’s season opener? Well, they better be because some of the top pro bass anglers in America are headed for our back yard! If you love any kind of fishing, it would be worth a few minutes for you to … Continue reading

Hurricanes were not a party

Even though most of this occurred in south Louisiana, it’s pretty interesting — and sad. Check out the results of this study. Unfortunately, there were a lot of losses on this end of the state, too — property, loss of fish habitat, loss of rental and business/sales, etc. But that, of course, isn’t covered under … Continue reading

These are a few of my favorite things…

Tired of seeing deer pictures of eight and ten pointers that score 150-180 while you are still trying to figure out why there are more bears in your shooting lane than deer? Wondering why hunters REALLY like to spend so much time at deer camp, why they don’t mind those cold showers, critters scampering across … Continue reading

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Dusty Gates, Union Parish Sheriff

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