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Sasquatch spotted on D’Arbonne!

You think you’ve seen it all lately? Political insanity . . . Covid… Lake D’Arbonne freezing over and everything in between? Well, hold on to your pedestal seat and strap down your trolling motor. Sasquatch has been spotted on Lake D’Arbonne. No foolin’. I saw him. He was catching fish Tuesday. He even comes out … Continue reading

Kenny with an “e” fishing report

Here’s our latest Kenny with an “e” fishing report, with a heavy mention on ice (also with an “e”) K&M Coffee, Corks and Camo’s Kenny Kavanaugh has seen something he never even dream would happen. He stood on the back porch of his house, looked down at his boat dock and watched Lake D’Arbonne freeze … Continue reading

It’s not about ‘Global Warming’

A look at next week’s Crappie Masters

The 2021 Crappie Masters Louisiana State Championship set for Lake D’Arbonne next week may have a new defending champion, but Matt Rogers of El Dorado Springs, Mo., is doing everything he can to make sure that doesn’t happen. He would like to maintain that honor. But first, he’s got to get here. “I just got … Continue reading

ACT championship coming to ‘Bone

The American Crappie Trail has announced it’s coming back to Lake D’Arbonne to hold it’s 2021 National Championship.The event will be in March 2022! More to come https://fb.watch/3FGRbqGF0r/

Louisiana license system changing

I don’t think there has ever been a Louisiana hunter or fisherman that didn’t complain about what seemed like a three-foot-long state license that folded back up about like an old Amaco road map (anybody else remember road maps . . . or Amaco?) Well, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) is changing … Continue reading

Peace in this world

The world is crazy. But I didn’t have to tell you that. People look for peace, happiness and contentment in many ways in this world. Often we look to activities like fishing, to material things, even to other people. You can find peace in all that, but it’s only temporary. There’s one way to find … Continue reading

What Momma Slab wants

I’m not sure what you are getting the wife for Valentine’s Day, but I have a good idea what Momma Slab Crappie would like! Check out this new “Heart Throbs” advertisement from Bobby Garland Crappie baits. In fact, you might want to buy your Valentine some of these, too. How Romantic. And you might drop … Continue reading

The crappie bite is on…kind of

They said the bite was a little bit tough, but Heath Rogers and Lance Billberry pulled out a first place catch of seven crappie weighing 14.87 pounds on D’Arbonne Saturday in the South Arkansas Crappie Club tournament. Even though it may take a minute to figure out that D’Arbonne isn’t in south Arkansas, you don’t … Continue reading

Kenny with an “e” fishing report

The Crappie Masters national qualifying tournament set for Lake D’Arbonne February 26 & 27 will be hitting the lake just about right. But the excitement won’t all be that weekend. The next few weeks there will be a lot of activity from tournament fishermen practicing as well as the regular crappie crew trying to get … Continue reading

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