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Crappie.comin’ !!!

They’re comin’ !! Crappie.com !! Team Overalls here and we wanted to let everyone know one of the most exciting times of our year is the annual crappie.com gathering which is 2 weeks away and will be held Nov 7, 8, & 9 2019 at Lake Darbonne State Park! Every year on the second Thursday, … Continue reading

Dr. Duck, part 3

Numbers of migratory waterfowl and hunter success are, and always will be, cyclical. There are good years and bad years. Larry Reynolds, Waterfowl Program Manager for Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, admits that right up front. But sometimes those numbers also call for action, so that is where Louisiana is right now. Is the … Continue reading

Dr. Duck, part 2

Larry Reynolds, Waterfowl Program Manager for Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, recently shared some very interesting information about duck hunting that should be interesting to anyone that hunts, especially those that chase waterfowl in the state. Here are more things than number of ducks and number of hunters to consider. In fact, here are … Continue reading

A week with “Dr. Duck”

You think trying to please everybody coaching football is hard? You should be Larry Reynolds, Migratory Waterfowl Program Manager for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. No matter what he says or what the data says, hunters that only recognize one thing: how many ducks are their over the barrel of the shotgun? It … Continue reading

Hunters die tragically

We talk hunting safety all the time. Yet things like this still happen, and more often than not, they happen to veteran hunters. Think ahead. Be safe. Take nothing for granted. All accidents don’t happen with a gun. Today, we read of a deer hunter in Arkansas that was trailing a buck he shot with … Continue reading

Ladies can catch bass, too

Competitive bass fishing is a way of life for a lot of guys in America and we’re really into it in Louisiana. Have been for decades. Well, move over guys. You aren’t alone. Have you ever heard of the Lady Bass Anglers Association? It’s a group located in North Richland Hills, Texas, and they recently … Continue reading

Youth “racking” them up!

This year’s deer season is off to a fast start. Several huge bucks have been killed, lots of youngsters have had success early on youth hunts and archery season has been among the best in a long time for some hunters. It’s not too late to take advantage of a unique opportunity for deer hunters … Continue reading

God comes first

If we are going to survive as America, we have to walk in our faith and allegiance to God. One Nation, Under God. In God We Trust. Christians have to stand up for what’s right. We’ve been silent too long. Never cower in the face of evil or evil actions. Pray. Hope. Love. And stand … Continue reading

Learn more about ducks

You want to learn more about ducks? What’s the future of duck hunting in Louisiana? What changes are we looking at? There’s a great workshop coming up to answer those questions. Waterfowl migration patterns and trends will be the subject of free training workshops scheduled in the north Louisiana area on Oct. 17, Oct. 21 … Continue reading

Crappie kids net scholarships!

Hayden Davis and Ty Theodos from Ruston High School won the Crappie Fishing for Scholarships at Lake D’Arbonne, Farmerville, Saturday. Sponsored by Outdoor Kids LLC, CrappieUSA, Frontier Metal, Mid-State Seed and Ozark Rods, the high school teens endured a drastic change in weather as a cold front moved in the day before the tournament. Tournament … Continue reading

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