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This earns a 21-cast salute!

You may never fish a Crappie Fishermen United of Louisiana crappie tournament. You may never take part in a Hunters for Heroes event. But one thing you should know, when those folks get together to host the annual Crappie tournament on Lake D’Arbonne, it’s worth a 21-cast salute! Thirty-nine teams of local fishermen and their … Continue reading

The way

Think about your fishing lures

So, you are not “off” for spring break? That’s okay, here’s a coping mechanism for those of you who do still do the “work” thing. Dealing with unhelpful people on the job…  


I don’t know why I like to eat whole fried bream and small crappie so much. I think it’s because they just taste so dad gum good. Biting off the crispy tails and fins, pulling the meat of the bone — “the nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat” grandma used to say” — it … Continue reading

Wake up right

My youngest granddaughter wakes up with the roosters. I don’t. She loves to come up to me when she is at my house and say, rather loudly, “Wake up Pop Pop!” She’s the only one in the world that could get away with that, you know. But regardless of how I wake up, or you … Continue reading

ACT 2 ready to begin

The American Crappie Trail is about to begin ACT 2, the second year of competition on the new professional crappie trail. The first of six regular season events is set for Neely Henry Reservoir March 16-17. The second one is right down the road on Ross Barnett Reservoir in Jackson April 20-21. If you are … Continue reading

Crappie, bass…deer & ducks?

  It was a big weekend for crappie, bass….and deer and ducks? Yep, deer and ducks, too. While most area sportsmen were out on the lakes (looking first for a parking place at a boat ramp, then for fish),  Lake D’Arbonne Country was also celebrating deer and ducks and the outdoors in general.   First, … Continue reading

I’m with the last guy….

No matter what you call it… I’m with the last guy in the video. See anybody in here you know? It was a great bit of fun helping with the production of this and so happy to include Lake D’Arbonne Country faces in it.  It’s a national fishing commercial produced for Bobby Garland Crappie Baits. … Continue reading

The Finest Full

What about that full moon? The brightness of the moon in the cloudless sky with falling temperatures was amazing. What about a livewell full of big old white perch? Or a full stomach after an all-you-can eat trip to the crawfish hut. Nice, huh?  Well, those are great, but the finest of the full is  … Continue reading

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Eagle Point Boat & RV storage. Call (318) 368-8400 or (318) 245-4170 for your Boat or RV spot today. Electricity available at each site; water and RV sewer dump and 24-hour video surveillance.


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