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Bill Dance, part 3

Perched on a shelf above the computer where I compose my fishing and hunting tales are several souvenirs of my earlier years as an outdoor writer. Among my favorites is a book, sitting on an easel, titled “Bill Dance The Bass Champ…Techniques of Bass Fishing.” Dance gave me that book when we met back in … Continue reading

Bill Dance, part 2

Today’s young aggressive bass fishermen have equipment that anglers like Bill Dance could have never even dreamed of back in the day. But Dance still won 23 National Bass Titles; was a Bassmaster Classic Qualifier 8 out of 9 years and finished 2nd in 1973. He has won just about every award that you can … Continue reading

Bill Dance Week, part 1

Folks, it’s Bill Dance Week on lakedarbonnelife.com. I know, I know.  We have to forgive him for wearing that silly T cap that stands for some SEC school that we don’t like, but this is about fishing. Bill Dance is an icon in the fishing world. And when Bass Pro owner Johnny Morris finally got … Continue reading

America: Tie up your boat

If America doesn’t tie up her moral boat, it’s going to drift out to sea and be lost forever. It starts with each and every one of us. Do what is good and right. Speak out for what’s good and right. Vote for and support those that are good and do right. Do not promote … Continue reading

What George feels like

Sometimes we just need a good laugh, so I hope you enjoy this. This must be what George feels like fishing in the back of the boat behind me. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE…..!!!!

Just a dollar

A while back, I wrote about how economical old fishing and hunting licenses were, plus how complicated and expensive they have become under today’s system since our government has become so smart and efficient. I got the photo above from one of our readers and thought you’d like to see it. It’s from David Roach … Continue reading

The fish didn’t know

I decided to go down to the boat dock Tuesday afternoon and bait up half a dozen yo-yo’s with shiners to catch a mess of catfish for supper tomorrow night. After getting them baited, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to make a few casts with a shiner under a cork off the dock. I could … Continue reading

Crappie Masters last cast…

The first ever Crappie Masters tournament in Louisiana, sponsored by Lake Fork Trophy Lures, is in the livewell and Lake D’Arbonne, Lake Claiborne and Caney Lake are on the crappie map and crappie fishermen’s radar everywhere. Nearly 60 teams fished in the tournament and weighed in 407.55 pounds of fish from the area lakes. Each … Continue reading

Stone, Godwin win Crappie Masters!

Welcome, Jay Stone and John Godwin of West Monroe, Crappie Masters. That’s right, Crappie Masters, not Duck Commanders. The duo’s largest seven post-spawn crappie weighed 12.30 pounds to top a field of 60 teams from around the country to win the Crappie Masters Lake Fork Lures Invitational held in northeast Louisiana Saturday on Lake D’Arbonne, … Continue reading

Today, the “tap” is for real…

Practice is over. The hype is gone. Finding and figuring out fish has been the goal all week. The fish have been feeling the pressure from tourney fishermen and locals alike. But today the “tap” is for real. It’s time for 57 teams of crappie fishermen to get their game faces (or is that fish … Continue reading

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Bastrop – Morehouse Chamber

Benoit Ford North

Dusty Gates, Union Parish Sheriff

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