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Okay, all you dove hunters out there who spent parts of this weekend shooting up two 24-count boxes of shells at fast-flying doves trying to get a limit of 15 doves…. To check this amazing video from Mojo Outdoors out. Click here: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152275348397595&fref=nf      

Just a quick reminder….

Just a quick reminder, in case we forget our main”fishing assignment” here on the Earth: “And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”     — Matthew 4:19

Doves at daylight

Boy, come Saturday morning, there sure are going to be some confused doves flying around Louisiana. Since I can remember, dove hunting has begun at noon on opening day, which allowed hunters to sleep in a bit and make a social event out of it. No Louisiana sportsman ever scoffed at those ideas. But this … Continue reading

The river: keeping a promise

The list of people who have kept watch over the Ouachita River environment is long…too long to put here. Some like Dr. Michael Caire of West Monroe and Jim Hall of Ruston, who founded SORE (Save the Ouachita River Environment) in the 1980’s, are near the top of the list. Numerous state Wildlife and Fisheries … Continue reading

Mollicy: A magnificent turnaround

Stopping the channelization of the Ouachita River was a huge environmental victory 30 years ago. Today, man’s part of another huge environmental project with future benefits we can’t even fully comprehend has been completed. It’s an amazing project. Last Thursday, water flowed down Mollicy Bayou and into the Ouachita River for the first time in … Continue reading

River talk – what they said then…

As I pointed out earlier, most folks probably don’t remember 35 years ago when the Ouachita River almost became an engineered ditch. I was one of six reporters who helped cover the story and put out a special section in the “News Star World” on Sunday, October 18, 1980 called “The Ouachita: Unbending a river … Continue reading

Engineering the waterways

Last week we began a discussion of the Ouachita River, based on the fact that the Ouachita River Valley Authority was holding its annual meeting in Monroe this year. We covered some important history of the river, including the U.S. Corps of Engineers exotic plans to straighten the river for barge traffic a few decades … Continue reading

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